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“A Marvodian Dilemma”- Tales of A Lagos MMM Investor pt 2

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The long wait is over and MMM has come back as stated. They even came back a day earlier than anticipated BUT my money has not come back. I’m not going to bore anyone with the stories on how they have introduced bitcoins or how some have gotten paid and others haven’t. The only thing that stands is that over 70%  of the investors including my humble self are yet to receive our funds. Christmas was not as rough as i had expected it to be but what was indeed rough was not having to go home for weeks on end because of threats to my person. My co-tenant Jonah has been very helpful as i had to put him on my payroll to supply information on when the coast was clear for me to come and go.

My plasma TV, fridge, toaster, sound system and January salary have all gone towards repaying everyone who has handed over investments.  At least at the office where i got my daily bread from before i face the landlord and my compound investors literally. As much as i have tried to explain that MMM was the one with their money everyone suddenly has developed selective amnesia telling me they only remember handing over their money to me and not MMM.

On the 4th of February, at 11:35pm to be exact i came back to pick some few clothes against the next work week. I had stumbled and groped through the lenght and breadth of my one room paradise mentally locating everything i needed,  shirts, trousers, shoe and some little money i had left under the newspaper that lined the table next to where a refridgerator “once upon a time” was. I quietly made my way to the door without turning on the light so as not to attract the attention of my neighbours. Once outside my apartment, i made my way down the musty dimly lit passageway that had almost 20 apartments facing each other. “Brother Goodevening” a tiny voice chirped. It was 6 year old Folarin sitting majestically on his potty and enjoying his “near-midnight” dump. I quickly stepped back and rubbed his head asking him how he was doing. “Fine brother” he responded and then added another statement “That brother for there dey find you o” but i wasn’t going to stay and listen because i could hear his mother ask “Folarin! ta lo n ba soro?  (who are you talking to?). I had 3.5670 seconds to reach the end of the passage way without being seen and i used it well. Yes, i owed her too, i owed 11 out of 20 neighbors. Not i but MMM. My heart was pounding as i really didn’t know how nicely little Folarin would have painted the picture of my departure to his mother.

Hopefully, my February salary would help me settle some of my co-tenants and pay Jonah his service fee for keeping a sharp look-out for me although he failed this time. For the Landlord, we have arrived at a truce that i split the entire amount of both his rent + MMM investment capital into a 3-part installment. Selling the household items helped me raise this and he has received the second part of this payment. This would ensure that my belongings are not out on the street where they wouldn’t even survive for an hour. Harsh times indeed. MMM i’m sure meant good for me and others but some people currently have no lives because of the mishap caused by this scheme and a lot of others like them who have come and gone all in a short while. Some are still waxing strong and gathering more subscribers. God help us all. I will not stop investing but i have become a wiser man with some newly sprouted gray hairs to prove this. I am looking now before taking my leaps and have learnt that trickling steady profits are better than quick abrupt money.  Well, i’m human and optimism is part of our make-up. I believe MMM will release our funds on a good day even if not all because lots of people became financially free with that scheme at the onset.

“Evening Brother, how na?” It took everything in me not to run as i responded to the greeting offered by the young man who sold records at the main bus stop. “Evening  bros, how market today na”? He was packing up for the day and would be heading to his warm bed. I was about to embark on a sadistic cursing spree but when the cool night breeze hit my face i forgot everything i was about to say as a wave of gratitude washed over me. At least i was not out on the street. Tunde had asked me to squat at his place until i payed everyone back. He even offered to give me the profits from his own monthly investments with the same company he mentioned in the first article. If everything works out well, that could be a more noble and sensible place to invest with peace of mind. This new year, i have to change some friends and associations to enable me think clearly and not join band-wagons in the future. I boarded the bus heading to CMS en route Victoria Island where Tunde resided in an upcoming working-class haven.

Tomorrow is very pregnant and i believe all will be well sooner than later. If anyone has any other investment offers that work, please drop your suggestions on the Facebook comment bar below as i would really appreciate it. It does feel good to have an outlet when one needs to declutter and thank you Anttention Media Africa for providing this outlet.

“A Marvodian Dilemma”- Tales of A Lagos MMM Investor pt 1

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